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San Antonio spa calls itself a “medical man cave” |

A growing number of men are wanting to make trips to the spa, but don’t feel comfortable. A spa in San Antonio is changing that, calling itself a medical man cave. Restore Men’s Health offers everything from botox to hair restoration, even vasectomies. Owners of the spa say the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and women are even booking appointments for their partners.

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Grand Opening

Our grand opening even was held at the office on October, 13, 2017 and was a huge success! We had food trucks, a karaoke band, drinks, a private auction and private tours of our new facility! Check out our pics from the event!

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Five things every man should know about plastic surgery

As the stereotypes around plastic surgery are slowly being broken down, a whole new world is opening up for men who value a refreshed, youthful appearance. Men are still hesitant to opt for cosmetic surgery, often due to a lack of proper information. To eliminate any remaining fears, there are five important things every man should know about plastic surgery before they schedule their first aesthetic consultation.

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